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atelier sabra


Isolation, solitude and a deep fear of the future to come. They call us Millennials.

Who knew that the globalized and over-connected world would be accompanied by a feeling of separation? We willingly consume all day long, and often lack a real connection with the real activities behind the products. Companies try to engage their consumers and soothe the geographical and cultural remoteness of their products and their production processes by telling stories. Stories made to emotionally reconnect the consumer with products made far away, sometimes in conditions of alienation of the planet and the human being.

There is an exciting sound of change to be heard. Many companies and governments are investing in awareness and efforts towards corporate responsibility.

Atelier Sabra is about harmonizing duality.

We provide products that gap the bridge between individualisation, by selling wearable art, and an urge for reconnection to the community, by actions imbedded in the social reality. We offer a refined sense of aesthetics to people that dream of a combination of artistic expression and responsibility for society. The goals of Atelier Sabra are to reconnect the shades of grey, and provide a place where duality can exist in harmony. We wish to collaborate with other organisations and artists, as well as exporting the products to other artistic cities throughout the world. This will enrich the process all together and help finding ways to adapt the needs of core business to the reality of our planet.