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Reusable makeup remover pad
Reusable makeup remover pad

Reusable makeup remover pad

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Discover our eco-friendly alternative to remove your makeup.

These organic cotton pads feature a soft cotton side for light exfoliation and removing makeup and a decorative side with Holland Wax (African fabric), to look fresh and pretty in your bathroom.

We use the cutouts of our skits and scarves for the fabric side, in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

All our customers were happy with the material, as they felt soft, while exfoliating gently. They can be used with your favourite cleansing products.

Machine washable at 30 degrees and available in packs of five. You can also wash them by boiling them in a pot of boiling water (we have tested).

Materials: Organic cotton and Holland Wax

Quantity: 5