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Voodoo demystified

In Togo & Benin, we have our own philosophy and worship.

It is called Vodu, often mystically known as Voodoo. Vilified, called naive, primitive, devilish in order to have people follow the incoming religions, it still stands strong in both countries.

But there is a lot of wisdom in its' essence. Wisdom that can benefit all of humanity and add to the philosophies already in place, as well as instill respect for the nature, the ancestors and the objects.

Not all is perfect of course, but we can observe the good things, and leave what we don't need.

I have discovered Bruno Cattani on Instagram, and he's on my checklist of people to befriend, because I am grateful for the respectful and aesthetic way he chose to represent Vodu.

Have a look at his IG page, a great photographer indeed !

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