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Learning to handle rejection

The road of the creative entrepreneur is not paved with roses.
Well, the roses actually do exist in my imagination, but the reality is definitely a little different. More like cobble stones, I would say.
atelier sabra

I have to convert my creations into sales, because otherwise I will be counting roses at the local park with a few pigeons. 
To be honest, I have always disliked selling. At least that is what I told myself. My mentor asked me: 'Wouldn't you be super excited to see people on the street wearing your work?' Well the image of it gave me happy goosebumps. That was a step closer to positive thinking about selling. After all no sales, no company.

After weeks (might be months) of Evan Carmichael's youtube video's on how to sell, and what attitude to develop, I have decided to create a strategy and target 'go to' stores with my products in my backpack. Thankfully, I am not too proud, because it does feel like begging sometimes. Packed like a fashionable mule, I braved the shop door, the inquiring looks, the present shoppers, and went on promoting my work.
After the third shop that rejected me in a time frame of less than 30 minutes, I must say that I started to feel a little pinch in the stomach. I decided to check out a pop-up store in my area that I had wanted to see. It is a group of creatives of different areas that have grouped their forces and sell their products in that space. The artisan doing the shift welcomed me with a great smiles and eagerly started to give me an extended tour of the different products available as well as the story of the artisans.
She herself is making her own natural beauty products that are made from 100 percent organic products. 

I really need very little to pull myself back up. Very glad for that. A little chat and trying out some creams and I'm good to go.

The cup looks empty but it's actually full of space for some fresh coffee  ! ☕

Basically I have learnt that:

  • I should target the shops better.
  • Be confident about my product.
  • Not feel any way about rejection. It is not personal.
  • And keep going, as the next "no" shall bring me closer to my yes. 

And really, I am learning to sell my products, so my convincing skills are yet to be refined. ✌️

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