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Learning to be a creative director

atelier sabra

In order to get my brand out there into the world, I need pictures. 
This is the second photo shoot that I am directing, for Atelier Sabra, with a photographer and models. Well obviously my budget is tight, so I rely on the beauty and willingness of my friends for both the pictures as the modelling.
Luckily for me, I like to surround myself with beauty.
We started early in the morning, and the girls arrived fresh and fully enthusiastic.
Some even brought food and drinks to share. I love the sorority. Women like to care for others. 🖤
atelier sabra
that's me checking every detail 😁
I prefer to work without Photoshop and find ways to make my models look their best naturally. I have learned that the early morning light is most suited for the type of pictures that I like. The light is less yellow before noon. I believe that next time, I will try to organise the shooting really early so we can get the most out of the sunrise. And also prepare my moodboard better, so I already send the models the pics of what they will be wearing. 
So what I've learnt:
📌 start early for the best light
📌prepare mood board with pieces assigned to each model
📌check the shooting location beforehand at the same time of shooting
📌assign shooting corners where the models will stand
📌have a great playlist with different tempos for a great vibe
📌have some real food, drinks and fruit
📌feel and respect the models energy levels
📌have fun!
atelier sabra
posing for the light checks, while the models get ready

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