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Building bridges

building bridges


Sometimes, I let my emotions get the best of me.
More often than sometimes, to be totally honest. This balance is quite a work in progress.

But then yesterday, I heard Dave Chappelle, my favorite comedian because of his fearlessness to say what he believes no matter how controversial, tell art students something I needed to be reminded of: " Let your voice be heard through your art."

And then I reminded myself that I function essentially as a storyteller.

I tell stories, in order to bring a vision of a world. Actually many visions. And I condense them into one. Which I truly believe we are. Because I am one.

Probably, I will not be here to see that world that I dream of. But I need to keep going, no matter how hard. No matter how misunderstood my vision is.

Because when I see the children of my friends and cousins, I feel responsible for what I leave them with.
When I give poetry classes to the kids, I see myself and how I too am full of hope and desire. And mostly, how I benefit today of what millions of people did before I came to Earth.

The fruit of my work might take a life time to bear, or maybe even a few generations down the line, but I am determined to keep telling stories that build bridges. Because what else do I have?


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